Who’s Who on your Parish Council

The Parish Council consists of eight elected Parish Councillors who serve for four years. They are volunteers and receive no payment. They make the decisions at the monthly Council meetings.

You are welcome to contact any Parish Councillor to discuss Parish Council business.

Cllr Charles Dent


01724 737175 crdent@westhalton.com


Cllr Fran Altoft

01724 733671 dwanowano@gmail.com


Cllr Ralph Ogg

01724 732216 cllr.RalphOgg@northlincs.gov.uk

Cllr Alan Batley

Vice Chairman

01724 732853  Alanin801@hotmail.co.uk


Cllr Steve Hodson

01724 733089 stevehodson65@yahoo.co.uk


Cllr Sue Robinson

01724 732992 tony@robinson8199.fsnet.co.uk
Our Councillors are required to sign up to the Code of Conduct and, in doing so, pledge to observe the requirements contained within it.

As part of this they are required to complete a register of interests this can be found at: http://www.northlincs.gov.uk/your-council/have-your-say/councillors-and-mps/members-register-of-interests/.