Burial/Cremation Information


Please find below the burial fees and regulations for the Cemetery in West Halton, these fees will be reviewed annually.

West Halton & Coleby Cemetery – Charges For Burial

For people who have resided in the parish of West Halton & Coleby at the time of their death or who have left the parish no more than 5 years previously, the charges will be:

Grave Plot £200
*Grave Plot for baby or still born baby £30
Cremation Urn Plot £80
Re-opening a double grave £50
Reserving a plot (renewable after ten years) £50
Permission to erect a tombstone or memorial (non residents only) £100

*Babies will be buried in a reserved area down the north side of the burial ground.

For all others the above charges will be multiplied by four.

(The only exception will be for people who left the parish more than 5 years previously to go into residential care – in this case the standard charges will apply.)

All arrangements and correspondence must be with the current Clerk to the Parish Council.

West Halton & Coleby Cemetery – Regulations

West Halton & Coleby Parish Council is responsible for the organisation and maintenance of the cemetery on Coleby Road, West Halton. The following simple rules apply:

1. The cemetery will be filled one row at a time, starting in the top left corner and moving across the area left to right, filling in each plot in turn.  Each row to be completed before the next is started.

2. Residents of the villages may reserve a plot only in the row currently in use.

3. Families may reserve plots adjacent (in the same row) to an existing family grave. Graves will only be reserved once the relevant details and payment have been provided to the Parish Clerk and a reservation confirmation issued.

4. A marker will be placed by a designated councillor before a grave is dug and before a headstone is erected.

5. Headstones will be no more than 36 inches (90 cm) high and will be set in concrete that is flush to the ground.  No surrounds or kerbs are allowed.

6. Headstones remain the responsibility of the family of the deceased.  However, if found to be in a dangerous condition, the Parish council reserves the right to take appropriate action.

7. After approximately two years, time to allow for settlement, mounds will be removed and the area levelled.

8. Double graves can be accommodated. If a Double Grave is required, this must be stated at the time of the first burial.

9. An area of the cemetery, at the front right had side, will be set aside for the burial of cremation urns with remembrance tiles or small headstones.  These should be 24 inches by 24 inches (60 cm x 60 cm).

10. No glass vases or solar lights will be permitted in the cemetery.

11. No flowers, shrubs or trees may be planted within the cemetery.

12. The Parish Council reserves the right to remove, without prior notice, anything which is considered dangerous or anything which infringes these regulations.

13. It is expected that the cemetery will be treated as a place of reverence, with visitors walking on paths and between the graves.  No dogs will be allowed in the cemetery.

<strong>Notes for Funeral Directors:</strong>
Completed forms including the Parish Council’s information form must be completed to the Parish Clerk before any internment. We do ask that you give copies of the charges and regulations to the next of KIN or executor.

Excavation for graves should be undertaken on the day of internment. In exceptional circumstances, the grave may be excavated the day before. In this case, the funeral director is responsible for ensuring that the grave is covered at all times when it is unattended with a load bearing material that will prevent falling into the grave.
All excess spoil is to be removed from the cemetery.

Payment for internment should be submitted at the time of the request for internment. The Parish Council reserves the right to refuse any burial if payment has not been made beforehand.

The cemetery is to be kept clean and tidy during excavations for the benefit of relatives visiting existing graves.

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